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For the 2021 season, all tickets will continue to be available on a mobile device through the Cleveland Browns app. Please click here to learn about managing your tickets digitally.


Payment Options

Option 1

Pay In Full by March 26, 2021*

Option 2

Make a 50% Down Payment Now*

Make a 50% down payment no later than March 26, 2021 followed by 1 remaining payment on 5/1/2021.*

Option 3

Make 4 Installment Payments* and Auto-Renew for Future Seasons*

Make a down payment of 25% no later than March 26, 2021 followed by three equal installments on 5/1/2021, 6/1/2021, and 7/1/2021. For your season tickets for future NFL seasons, your credit card will be charged 12 equal installments beginning on August 1st and ending on September 1st.*

* Payments will be charged to your credit card on file per the Cleveland Browns Ticketing Terms & Conditions unless you provide an alternate card or payment method.  Please review the Cleveland Browns Ticketing Terms & Conditions and your 2021 invoice in Account Manager before selecting this payment option.


Renew Online

Renew online to select from one of the convenient payment options above.

Call or Email

For questions, please call the Membership Services Team at 440-891-5050 or email Membership Services at